Secular and Humanistic Jewish Organizations 

Society for Humanistic Judaism is our umbrella organization. SHJ mobilizes people to celebrate Jewish identity and culture consistent with a humanistic philosophy of life. As the central body for the Humanistic Jewish Movement in North America, the Society assists in organizing and supporting congregations and in providing a worldwide voice for its members.

Center for Cultural Judaism seeks to reach out to Cultural, Secular and non-religious Jews, help create more relevant programs and services, and offer celebrations and education consistent with our beliefs.
Congress of Secular Jewish Organizations supports Secular (Cultural) Jewish organizations with teacher training, the sharing of holiday and curriculum materials, a speakers' bureau and a terrific annual conference.

International Federation of Secular Humanistic Jews .

International Institute for Secular Humanistic Judaism is the organization that trains our Leaders, Cantors and Rabbis and conducts adult education classes.

Leadership Conference of Secular and Humanistic Jews is the professional organization for trained leaders of the movement. Their site offers statements on philosophy, history, policy, and more.

Sholem -- LA community with reading list and discussion group.

Workmen's Circle -- For over 100 years, an organization dedicated to the Jewish community, the Yiddish culture and social justice.